The purpose of the foundation is the support, development and promotion of architecture and modern art, especially in connection with the legacy of the Kaplický family:

Jan Kaplický

18. 4. 1937 in Prague + 14. 1. 2009 in Prague. Academic Architect, Doctor honoris causa, Honorary Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects

Jiřina Kaplická

30. 3. 1901 in Náchod + 2. 11. 1984 in Prague. Academic painter

Josef Kaplický

19. 3. 1899 in Vysoké Mýto + 1. 2. 1962 in Prague. Academic sculptor, painter, graphic artist and professor of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

Our goal is to preserve the legacy of Jan Kaplický and his vision for future generations, as well as the Future Systems brand.

The foundation further supports all educational and cultural activities leading to the expansion of the aesthetic assessment of life values by the public.